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PROMO PREVENDITA: per ordini superiori a 50€ ricevi in OMAGGIO IL NOSTRO OLIO EVO da 250ml


Origin Italy, Sicily – Category 1

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The lemons, yellow and bright, are the typical emblem of Sicily. Their scent alone is enough to evoke the flavors and smells typical of this land. The lemons of our company are all natural , treated only with products for organic farming and this makes them the best allies for the table, for condiments and to strengthen your immune barriers.

1st quality

We do not use products that are not allowed in organic farming


It is respected in order to always enjoy fresh citrus fruits!

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Natural untreated lemons with edible peel. Sicilian lemons are rich in vitamins of all kind. Lemons strengthen the immune system and protect against colds. They have a purifying power for the intestine and are important antioxidants and anti-cancer agents. Sicilian lemons are famous for their intense flavour and for being very juicy, ideal for making excellent lemonades or for seasoning your dishes.

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